How to Find Free and Affordable Dental Care?

The United States National Library of Medicine: National Institutes of Health is known for having listings of large number of free and affordable dental care services. All the information of large number of free dental service providers is given in these listings.

Walgreens is one of the famous names in US when it is the matter of availing free dental services. In April 2009 Walgreens officially announced that they will offer free dental services in multiple locations time to time so help the people who lost their job during last recessions in US.

Contribution of the Hill-Burton free dental service is also appreciative. They are also know for offering discounted or free of cost dental services to the large number of people in United States. They established lot of hospitals all over US for this program. Majority of the services they offered in dental care are discounted but not free. The best thing about these services is that they are organized by them after a very short period of time. This is beneficial for lot of people to check the condition of their teeth time to time for having current information about the condition of their teeth.

In US states one can dial 211 phone number for getting entire information on free dental services and how one can avail it. In some of the states this information is available online as well. One just has to fill the Zip code of city on 211 website to know all information on this topic.


  1. mary grant says

    i am 47 years old and on dissablity due to biolar i live in ga and cannot get and dental help from medicaid and medicare they pay nothing. thanks for any help at all. mary grant

  2. Denver Forshey says

    was wondering if there was any place in pittsburgh area that dose the free dental i have medicare and they dont cover it

  3. Jack Cox says

    I have insurance and don’t necessarily need free, but affordable would be nice—I just got a quote for six extractions and for implants to hold on uppers with IV drip sedation—over 7 grand my cost for the uppers, another 6 plus for the lowers and insurance will only pay 2 thousand a year (if) you can get it out of them—I can go the cheaper route with no anesthetic and cheap dentures I suppose but Damn!

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