Free Dental Clinic Opens

US cellular Center in Cedar Rapids is known for providing best dental services to the residents of this city since a long period of time. In the year 2010 near around 4500 people received free dental services.

Every year in the middle month they organize free camps in the cities that are purely dedicated to the people with dental problems. They give preference to the people who are facing more pain.

Large numbers of volunteers were there during the camp for providing their services to the people. Doctors taking part in the event said that everyone knows the increasing need of free dental services in the region and it makes us feel happy when we are a part of this service.

The registration for this event has already started and according to organizers around 120 people have already registered to them for appointment. Majority of these people are people with low income who cannot afford dental care services.


  1. Elizabeth Ogden says

    I dont get very much money on ss. I have two busted
    off teeth and my parcials that are busted or wont fit.
    I like to get some help. I live in cedar rapids.

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