Underserved Children to Receive Free Dental Help

The tooth fairy program of US is going to offer all free dental help to the people facing dental problems. Whether the parents are not able to pay the dental fee for their child or whether the family lives in a remote area, NCHOF to provide free dental care services to all such child.

According to the organizers there many kids in US who needs the help of society for getting effective treatment for their dental problems. For helping those kids, they are planning to organize nationwide free dental event.

The tooth fairy of US is planning to offer free dental services to around 600,000 children every year. This is something that will surely contribute in avoiding all major dental problems of the children of US who are not able to afford the dentists fee.


  1. denis garner says

    m disabled andonscial secuity and have limited funds my teeth areboke off a the gum and i am in constant pain leas can you help me
    thank you denise garner770-586-0050

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