Free Dental Care by Mission of Mercy

In the current situation with rise in tuition fees, poor social welfare programs and with struggling economy smile from faces has vanished.

However, in the weekend, 1650 people were given free dental services at Modesto Centre Plaza which was worth $1.2million.

The first free dental help conducted by Mission of Mercy brought patients,oral surgeons and dentists from far Oregon and Long Beach and other states. There were 1000 volunteers and about 70 sponsors who participated.

The free dental event was held in collaboration with the California Dental Association Foundation, Stanislaus Dental Society and the Dentists Care foundation in Kansas. X-Ray, decayed tooth removal, fillings, dentures and other 7200 procedures were conducted.

Due to financial constraint, many patients could not be given regular dental care as they said. According to Dr. Andy Soderstrom, many patients required emergency dental care.

Some of the vital points proved by dental association are:

  • The poor class is getting affected with the cut off in medical help.
  • Children loosing teeth because they do not have sufficient fund for dental treatment
  • A 15 year old boy losing teeth because no money to do root canal

Government has no answer for this, but Gov. Jerry Brown will be happy for getting his low budget passed easily.

As said by Dr. Soderstrom, the event was “fatiguing but very, very fulfilling” and he also suggested for a state dental director who would look into the lacking and would raise proposal for the same.

The first step towards proper dental care is to learn from St. Luke’s Family Practice which is a non profitable clinic that helps the poor by givingfree dentaltreatment. The dentist in the free clinic event might think to help the needy and can come up with dental insurance ideas and donate money for clinics.

Stanislaus Dental Society did an incredible job and they consider their work “as a blessing”.

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