Free Dental Clinics at Sacramento and Modesto

Free dental clinics are no longer available these days. The concept sounds like a fable especially to those who are accustomed to pay high insurance charges for dental insurance. Recently there were 2 research camps where free dental services were provided to students.

Free screening at Sacramento:

Some 500 students from Sacramento Elementary School were offered the free dental care. Total session cost to be taken care by the initiator. This camp offered service from Tuesday and session to last till Friday. Students were asked to reach Earl Western Elementary School between 9:00am and up until 10:00am regularly to avail the service. Oral health and dental screening being the prime objective, the organizers also provided the students with tooth brush, paste and dental floss. Needless to say that this service was a very useful one especially for the students who generally cannot afford these check ups on their own.

Free service camp in Modesto:

US always welcome services that tend to benefit the consumers largely. People who strive to survive with basic essentials often don’t pay much attention to dental treatments or needs. California Dental Health Organization in alliance with America’s Dentists Care Foundation decided to offer free dental services to people on Saturday. Venue is Modesto Center Plaza, 1000L Street and time is 7:00am to 6:00pm. People who are interested to avail free dental care are suggested to be a part of this session.

Free dental clinics are no big deal but these days the occurrence of the same has considerably reduced as dental treatment and dental care products itself are very costly. Still the organizations that take the initiative to organize such camps are highly appreciated. They take the onus of full cost that is incurred in dental treatments and is generally a very successful event. Best dental care is available in these camps and creates keenness to organize more such events in future.


  1. Deborah Mitchell says

    Although..I did not participate in this free clinic I didn’t hear about it until it was over..I know how important this is to those of us who can’t afford dental insurance anymore..I’m just thankful for the ones who did get to take advantage of these ACTS OF KINDMESS…Thank you to all who participated..Please don’t stop their are so many more of us out hear that need this…I have my two front teeth knock out playing basketball with my sons years ago,,we were both going after the ball to keep from falling on him .I pushed him out of the way and fell on my face..I’m 53 now and still haven’t been able to get them fixed. If you ever come to the Tracy, Sacramento or Modesto area again I would love to know and participate… Thank you and God bless you all…

  2. adam lahman says

    well i would like to see this for my self . me and my wife r both disabled we have two boys my wife disabled for life and she has false teeth and they r getting so wore out wen she put them in her mouth they cut and rip her mouth up so bad she cant chew her food so it gets stuck in her throat and chokes on everything she eats she has med-a-cal they said its cosmetic. choking on every thing u eat can kill u.and we don’t want nothing for free we can’t find someone even to take if i was from another part of the world and come to the.U.S.A. and needed my teeth fixed.not only would i get them fix for free the gov. would give me a store to. U.S.A. helps everybody but the people who live here

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