Dentists to Volunteer in Free Dental Clinic

Oakhurst, California will be the host of a free dental clinic day on December 6. At this free dental clinic, dentists will offer treatments to patients without insurance, or to those who cannot afford to pay for the dental treatments they need. Widgets

Free Dental Clinic Offered Care for Uninsured

On Thursday, October 24 a Redding practice held a free dental work day. The exact address of the dental practice is at 1548 East Street, and patients were offered the free dental work treatments on a first come first served basis. Some of the free dental work treatments offered included oral cancer screenings, professional dental […]

Mobile Dental Clinic to Offer Free Care

On October 27, Sunday there will be a free dental care clinic held in Milpitas, California The free dental care clinic takes place at the Tzu Chi Foundation located at 175 Dempsey Road, Milpitas CA. A mobile dental van will be available at the foundation, and the patients are welcome to receive the free dental […]

Free Dental Clinics at Sacramento and Modesto

Free dental clinics are no longer available these days. The concept sounds like a fable especially to those who are accustomed to pay high insurance charges for dental insurance. Recently there were 2 research camps where free dental services were provided to students. Widgets

Free Dental Care by Mission of Mercy

In the current situation with rise in tuition fees, poor social welfare programs and with struggling economy smile from faces has vanished. However, in the weekend, 1650 people were given free dental services at Modesto Centre Plaza which was worth $1.2million. The first free dental help conducted by Mission of Mercy brought patients,oral surgeons and […]