Dentists to Offer Free Dental Care for Those Who Cannot Afford it

Pain Free Christmas Dental Day is a free event held annually in Wenatchee, WA. There are many needy patients in the area who require dental care but cannot afford to pay for it. This is why, first a sign-up for the free dental help day is held this week. Widgets

Free Emergency Dental Treatments: Family Dentistry

Everett dentist Dr. Colleen Tracy, of All Family Dental Care, will be helping the residents of Everett during these difficult economic times by giving free emergency dental treatment on September 7th from 8am to 3pm. Widgets

Free Dental Clinic Scheduled for Music Professionals

On Friday, November 18th, MusicCares is offering a free dental clinic for music professionals. The event is co-sponsored by Dr. Nikole O’Bryan, DMD, and it’s open to anyone who has at least five years of a professional music career history. Widgets

Edmonds Woodway Dental Care Scheduled Free Dental Clinics For Needy

Edmonds Woodway Dental Care will open the practice to those who cannot afford regular dental care